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First Step: From the airship

First Step: From the airship

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puppy eyes
Hello? Is anyone there? Just wondering because I tried the door and it's locked, and I figured that this is possibly Kaiba's ship or something? I just want to know what happened, and if Yuugi and the others are all right.


Well, it's not like I've got anything else to do while I sit here and wait for a response. So...okay, where am I exactly? It looks kind of like a...cell. Who brought me here? Last I remember, we were saying goodbye to half of Yuugi...and then there was an earthquake. Right? Yuugi...he fell, I swear I saw him fall...

Oh no, what if I'm wrong, and this isn't Kaiba's ship and he didn't rescue us? Not even Kaiba would stick us in a place like this! What if the rest are still there, and it's only me here?

Oh god...I hope they're all right.
  • ...they'll let you off soon enough.
  • Anzu? You're here too! I'm so glad you're alright!

    They'll let you off soon, and mou hitori no boku and I will find you! In the meantime, do you know if the others are alright?
    • Yuugi? Oh thank god, I was so worried!

      I'm sorry, though, I don't know how the others are. I hope they got out all right...
      • Don't worry! I'm alright, and so is mou hitori no boku!

        ...Oh no, I really hope they're alright too. Jounouchi-kun...
        • But Yuugi...didn't we just see him go home? How is he still with you?

          Me too. Maybe they're coming too though! I haven't heard anything from them yet, but it's possible. If you're here and so am I, they might be arriving too.
          • We did, but he's here too! Alive again and with his own body. I'm staying with him now. Isn't that great?

            If they do come through, that'd also be great! Then, we could all work together to figure out how to get out of here, and get home~
            • He has his own body? Wow, both of you at the same time! That'll be different. I wonder what kind of place this is, that he managed to do that...

              Of course! If all of us are here together, there's nothing we can't do. Getting out of here should be a piece of cake!
              • Yup! For some reason, instead of going to the afterlife, he came here! I wondered what kind of place it is too... one guy said I was dead, but that can't be!

                You bet! I'm so glad you're here, Anzu! Your support has always meant so much to me!

                [ooc: strikeouts legible]
  • Anzu? Is that you?

    ((OOC: Icon very much default in public))
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